Arts Degree Show2016

Holly Obediah Jasper

Multi-Media Textiles

My work focuses on social interaction.

The work explores my own experiences with depression and anxiety and focused the need to feel alone, but also surrounded and supported by people. As my anxiety has decreased I have explored the addition of multiple participants.  I have been greatly influenced by Ernesto Neto’s work in which he creates textile environments which provide an escape from reality and allow the visitors to disregard the social norms and rules that govern the outside world. The sculptures manufacture social situations and aim to bring strangers - people emotionally distant from each other - and place them in uncomfortably close proximity, making them physically close and observing their reactions. Drawing has been fundamental to the creation of my sculptures. I started by drawing my own social network in which each shape represents a significant person in my life. I established a code to show various things such as the influence of each person on me and my dependency on them. These drawings released me from ‘designing’ my crochet work and allowed me to approach them as extensions of physical drawings.