Arts Degree Show2016

Georgina Bradley


‘Littoral Blues’: a high end interior design collection inspired by the dramatic winter Cornish coastline.

Creating a luxurious and atmospheric mood, the collection is enthused by cliff side organic textures, seaside caves, coastal scenes, deserted harbours and washed ashore nature. Including both textural and figurative elements, it narrates the story of what is left behind during the forgotten coastal season. Painted imagery is combined with photographic techniques and injected with a rich and powerful palette, adding life and movement into deserted landscapes. Traditional screen-printed processes have been adopted alongside digitally printed designs, forming an authentic hand rendered approach. A contemporary style is infused with coastal tranquillity to create a luxury interior print collection. 


Placements / Work Experience:

H&M, Stockholm

Fusion Design Studio, Copenhagen

Matthew Williamson

More By Design



Competitions / Awards:

Standfast & Barracks live project winner

Highly Commended by Society of Dyers and Colourists, 2016