Arts Degree Show2016

Emily Henriques


‘Botanical Heritage’: an interior collection which captures the raw beauty and exotic vibrancy of the tropical Malaysian island that is Penang.

This collection characterises the alluring architectural heritage, infused with the rich vegetation, of an island soaked in colour and culture. Using intricate detail and a photo-realism approach, the collection conveys this unique island’s warmth and charm, with its crumbling painted walls and hidden windows entwined with nature. The combination of both screen and digital printing on tactile fabrics shall recreate the exotic climate which is so far removed from western civilisation, transporting to the secret Asian Paradise of Penang.


Placements / Work Experience:

H&M, Stockholm

Prince of Wales Island International School, Malaysia

ASOS, London

JRC Imports, London


Competitions / Awards:

Standfast & Barracks live project winner, 2016



Penang in Pictures (Solo, International exhibition of fine art), Malaysia