Arts Degree Show2016

Eleanor Ward

Multi-Media Textiles

‘All the Colours in the Universe’: a collection which focuses on mandalas. Mandalas are used within Buddhism to focus the mind.

The images that are drawn represent the universe. My collection combines the colours and themes of the universe and astrology with the graphic image of a mandala. I am an artist that has always been interested in the idea that textiles can mean something. I believe when we are crocheting, knitting and sewing we are connecting with the hands of our female ancestors. I chose my craft because the history of textiles and joy it can bring is important to me. I enjoy creating homeware products that are bespoke. My aim is to create a business that keeps their customers at the heart and to produce products of high quality both in creation and packaging. 


Placements / Work Experience:

Rob Ryan

The Hat Box Oxford

Ruth Singer