Arts Degree Show2016

Eleanor Soper


'Unstately Elegance': this collection takes inspiration from the natural world interiors and surrounding area of stately homes, focussing on hand drawn imagery and translated into print through process driven design, to create an inherently British feel with a modern twist.

Inspired by the faded grandeur of former stately homes such as Whitley Court, Caulk Abbey and Whitwick Manor, I used a combination of hand drawn imagery and print processes such as foiling, flocking and devore to create layers of texture within the collection. The contrast in neutral tones and accents of bold and metallic colour represent the degradation within the places I visited and the large oversize scale of imagery give my collection a modern twist. I wanted this collection to have a very British feel but contemporary context, working on materials such as leather, suede and velvet to achieve this.


Placements / Work Experience:

ASOS, London

Fusion CPH, Denmark

VM Fabrics, London

Tom Cody, London

Timorous Beasties, Glasgow

A Woman's Touch Decoration, Worcestershire



Première Vision Designs (Indigo), 2016



Printed woven leather design sold at Première Vision Designs (Indigo), 2016