Arts Degree Show2016

Chloe Tatem

Multi-Media Textiles

My father once told me "it is easy to make something that is already beautiful look beautiful in art; however, it takes skill to create beautiful art from something most see as ugly".

This statement has stuck with me throughout my studies in textiles when exploring themes for new projects. My work explores the beauty found in unlikely places, having created textiles based on themes such as internal organs and taxidermy. My outcomes have created intricate hand embroidery, beading and pleating to encapsulate the attractive qualities I saw in these traditionally ‘ugly’ stimuli.

My most current work features a mixture of both sturdy and transparent materials such as leather and organza to encapsulate the fragility juxtaposed with the resilience of a bird’s body. I am using a colour palette of dark colours, including blacks and greys, with pops of colour like deep teals and silvers throughout my samples in order to create a cohesive collection. I feel like this creates a dark dramatic interpretation of ornithology, the study of birds. I feel as though this project accurately represents my love for making the unpleasant appealing whilst also exploring a range of traditional and contemporary techniques.


Placements / Work Experience:

Brides & Gowns, Derby