Arts Degree Show2016

Bryony Lowth


Juxtaposing order against abstraction and patterns against random textures, this collection sources inspiration from the diverse worlds of nature and man-made order to create a collection that is intended for high-end interior applications.

My project explores deconstruction of decorative forms. It combines florals and intricate drawings with the bold geometric patterns of Turkish carpets. I have created prints that are detailed and structured overlaid by loose abstract washes of vibrant colour, to create a beautiful mix of control and chaos. Scale and layout are used to separate and accentuate the varying elements in different designs. My designs combine the techniques of hand drawing and painting with digital manipulation.


Placements / Work Experience:

Peter Pilotto

Bay & Brown

Tom Cody Design, London

Baxter Fawcett Design Studio, Ltd.

JRC Imports Ltd.

ISCA Gallery


Competitions / Awards:

Runner up in the H&M Print Design Competition, 2014