Arts Degree Show2016

Alice Llewellyn-Jones


‘Fashion without Rations’: a spring/summer collection revival of the 1940s which tells a nostalgic story, but is far from utilitarian in its style.

The Second World War forced a change in British clothing, causing significant restrictions through austerity measures and an increase in practical dress. Intended for a high end fashion content, this collection explores a range of hand-rendered and digital techniques enhanced through luxurious fabrics. Planes, siren suits and medals replaced pleats, stockings and buttons throughout London, however, this collection has no need to ‘make do’. Instead, it reinterprets the 1940s style, playing on what could have been, without the restrictions imposed by WW2.


Placements / Work Experience:

Draw In Light

Karonlina York, Australia

Tom Cody

Whiston & Wright



Student Representative for Loughborough Textiles