Arts Degree Show2016

Abigail Sibson


Inspired by visits to the historical buildings and gardens of the Cambridge University colleges, the final collection explores the ornate stonemasonry and ironwork within the beautiful architecture particularly of Kings College and Clare College.

The project intends to illustrate the important design concept that we must look to the old in order to create the new. Resulting in a collection of detailed prints expressing historical decoration via contemporary compositions and colours, applicable to a domestic interior setting. I hope to have captured the intricacy of the decorative elements along side the geos of the architecture through my own linear drawing style, adding detailed textural elements through heavy mark making. In contrast to some of the structured imagery, soft traditional floral patterns have been incorporated, inspired by a trip to Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds.


Placements / Work Experience:

James Lakeland, London

Jimmy Choo, London

Zandra Rhodes, London

Baxter & Fawcett, London

Sigma Printing and Embroidery, Cambridge