Arts Degree Show2016

Siôn Hughes

I am a classically trained illustrator turned graphic designer with an expansive knowledge of digital means of production.

Throughout my years as a designer I have explored a great many avenues within the industry. This multidisciplinary experience has been invaluable and, paired with considerable technical proficiency, has allowed me to consistently produce refined designs within a broad range of media. I have always had a keen interest in illustration, but as my studies progressed I have found a love for branding and advertising. With the freedom to choose my own project and the duration of a whole semester to produce it, in my final year I have chosen to spearhead an advertising campaign with the intention of shedding light on a darkling mood disorder: depression.



Open Day Ambassador for Loughborough University School of the Arts, English and Drama

Voiceover work for previous graduates and Lamplight Press

Editorial Designer at Label Magazine