Arts Degree Show2016

Oliver Lee

I am a designer who is always pushing to try new creative methods and approaches to solve challenging issues.

I have never been one to settle with a single style or method, finding enjoyment in multiple digital disciplines and the range of effects they can give to a simple idea to turn it into a polished final piece. I find that this gives me a wide base for individual ideas and production methods when designing for different projects, or even giving advice and input to others. This enjoyment and my desire to keep expanding my creative knowledge has led me to work across multiple areas such as branding, animation, logo design, magazine production and web design. I not only work digitally but also explore the use of 3D techniques and photography to help plan and execute my designs to a high standard and quality.


Placements / Work Experience:

Designer and Web Content Consultant at Splendid Apple Web Design



Coventry University Foundation Degree Show, 2012



William Morris Hall Media Representative