Arts Degree Show2016

Laura Stevens

I would love to work in the retail sector, providing innovative design solutions within service design, package design, brand expression, advertising and editorial.

I am a conceptual thinker, using in-depth research to actively seek the needs of my target audience, utilizing this to generate ideas and solve problems. I enjoy using such knowledge to inform my creative decisions, providing a synergy between my research and visual outcomes. I find this important as it provides creativity within a relevant social, cultural and environmental context. Whilst at Loughborough, I have enhanced my production skills, having used different methods and techniques ranging across all areas of design production, both on screen and off, from paper making to working with CAD software.

I enjoy experimenting with different textures, mediums and techniques to produce innovative and bespoke designs, providing a professionally finished piece with authenticity and personality. Therefore I am very interested in designing for the user experience as this heavily considers emotional responses, which I find important as it can govern how a consumer interacts with design, consequently informing future behaviour and decisions.


Placements / Work Experience:

I have completed previous work placements within the industry in the magazine and charity sectors, allowing me to heavily part take in the fast paced research, content management and production for both print and online publications as well as for advertising materials and wall graphics.