Arts Degree Show2016

Laura Perry

For as long as I can remember I have valued the expansive benefits of nature, that society often takes for granted.

The natural world is beyond a place of beauty; it is an essential element of a human’s health and wellbeing. For years nature derived design has established a dominant presence across a wide variety of media. Up until most recently, nature, whether in physical or digital form has been recognised for its ability to enhance positive emotions and mentality. Applying such features to my own work has allowed me to achieve visual outcomes that work on a deeper level of influencing human emotion and heightening experience.

Not long past I have broadened my knowledge and have developed a passion for health and nutrition, both of which are equally important in my personal and working life. I believe that visual communication combined with knowledge of health can be united and utilized to create viable solutions for the betterment of society. Today I inspire to create outcomes that are carefully considered, well executed and above all meaningful.


Placements / Work Experience:

Freelance Designer


Competitions / Awards:

University Apprentice

Launch-it! Loughborough

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