Arts Degree Show2016

Laura Mann

My main interest is creating effective and ultimately sellable pieces.

I enjoy communicating with different audiences through different approaches and tailoring the product to be received in the desired way. I have built three different projects with the aim of exercising different skills and to display a varied selection of outcomes. My dental project is supported with my knowledge in the dental environment from working part time as a dental nurse alongside this course. I found it very interesting to approach the same problem with different target audiences: the parent and the child. My child’s clothing business allowed me to tackle creating a brand and focus on how the products are presented and how this adds value.  My tattooing project lead from my dissertation, 'Tattoos as a Form of Non-verbal Communication', which includes tattoo’s move from subcultures to the mainstream. I created a business idea as a next step for tattoo evolution, where tattoos can be seen as a more accepted fashionable addition, acquired in a beauty salon setting. My ambition is to work in a challenging and exciting role, producing dynamic and lucrative products.