Arts Degree Show2016

Katie Gascoyne


I am a practised and enthusiastic animator with a special interest in character design, and have developed a unique style that focuses on personality and humour through the use of form.

I have focused my final year of study on creating my first animated short ‘Danses Des Limaces’ (Dance of the Slugs). I am proficient in both 2D and 3D animation, and have skills in numerous industry standard softwares, such as Maya, Mudbox, and ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, as well as the Adobe Suite. I thrive when working in collaborative environments and play an active role when a member of a team. My work on ‘Danses Des Limaces’ allowed me to become self-sufficient in developing new skills, resulting in my abilities in environment design, storyboard art, animatics and script writing. I have future ambitions to work within the television and film industry for the purpose of both informing and entertaining an audience.


Placements / Work Experience:

Curator for Exposure! Photography Exhibition



Loughborough University Foundation Exhibition, 2013