Arts Degree Show2016

James Mayne

Loughborough arts education has been an incredible vehicle for me: from foundation year to degree it has allowed me to explore a visually rich world teeming with many art forms and media.

Something that has profoundly impacted on me has been mankind’s tarnishing of the environment. Within my work I hope to create a world which portrays a sustainable future with an underlying message of protection around our current ecological system. I have examined this through producing an infographical book for the Woodland Trust and through photography, entering the Leica Oskar Barnack Award which looks at expressing the relationship between man and the environment. 

The history of our nation and the esteem I hold for our nation’s heroes holds equal interest for me. I have been helping out at the Carillion Museum, which is a hub of war memorabilia, producing a Matchbox guide for the Museum with inspiration styling from classic matchbox covers. Finally, with the John Storer House of Action and Volunteering, I have designed a new monthly activity sheet which is easier to read for those of poor vision. Additionally, I’ve also produced a wallpaper for the activities room, as well as a Menu design for their café. For my future I am pursuing a career in the military.