Arts Degree Show2016

Ameerul Masle

Coming from a developing country to one with a greater understanding of Visual Communication, I have come to believe that development in this area is needed for every country to move forward.

I came to Loughborough to gain the knowledge necessary to develop my creative talent into something more unique and useful to society. During my time here I have developed from an artist into a designer, and my aim is now to push talented young artists and designers in my own country to see things differently, and to show them how their skills can be useful in promoting growth. Although I aim to expand my understanding in many areas, I especially enjoy doing illustration related to video gaming and animation. I have tried different styles from Western cartoon and anime to my own unique style. This is mostly due to growing up loving Disney animation before finding other independent works. I love the process of creating something out of nothing, and turning it into a unique world with lore and a story.