Arts Degree Show2016

Alexandra Hill

My areas of interest resound mainly in advertising, brand identity, campaigning and packaging design.

I find these areas particularly inspiring as they convey strong messages through the design, changing how someone sees the world. My imagination is perhaps one of my biggest strengths and the idea creation process is my favourite time during the design process. I enjoy working with anything digital-based and I find I learn very quickly in this field. I take inspiration from my environment and what I think I could design to improve it. My final project is an anti-animal cruelty campaign which I am extremely passionate about: if I can make even a slight difference that is one of my dreams complete. I hope to work in an ever-changing, creative environment that is energetic and exciting. I define myself as creative, ambitious, loyal, adaptable and self-motivated whole being fun-loving. What I lack in experience I hope to make up with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.


Placements / Work Experience:

Design/Buying Intern at, Cape Town