Arts Degree Show2016

Abdul Makodiya

I have constantly been asked to why I have chosen the discipline of visual communication - my interest arises from my determination and lifelong dream to become an entrepreneur in the food and drink industry.

I have identified that from the first to the last minute of my time at Loughborough University, all my design work has been focused on food and drink. I have always had an aptitude for cooking, business and design; these ingredients have groomed me to become a designer that encompasses people with engaging and boundary-pushing concepts. The engagement of emotion and reminiscence in audiences is the drive behind creating meaningful concepts. The work I produce has a light touch, with clean, crisp and contemporary aesthetics that combine to create an ostentatious outcome. However, my concepts lead audiences, consumers and readers into deeper thought, giving the desired effect in its inception.

My final year project was to produce the branding, menu design, promotional material, packaging and service design for my proposed restaurant. This restaurant would be my spearhead for many restaurant concepts I have in development. FRYHOUSE is a unique concept that brings forward fried chicken from around the world as its main event, complemented by many other carefully selected comfort foods; drawing together great ingredients, thoughtful process and creative presentation.