Arts Degree Show2016

Art and Design Foundation Studies

The one year BTEC Foundation Art & Design course at Loughborough is a challenging, dynamic and rewarding experience. It offers students the opportunity to extend their practical skills and creative thinking and equips them to make considered and confident decisions about their futures.

Our Foundation students can access a range of facilities, equipment and expertise. There are strong links with the degree programmes, enabling students to witness at first hand the course content. The primary aim of the course is to prepare students for higher education, building upon their prior experience and skills. It is characterised by experiential, experimental and integrated learning.

The programme of study ensures that the full range of teaching expertise and learning opportunities provided aid students’ awareness of the demands of art and design, helping them to recognise the common principles and distinctive characteristics of the different subject disciplines. The course structure allows students to explore a variety of media including textiles, fashion, fine art, graphic design, illustration and 3D design, and engages them in a range of experimental and diverse projects designed to develop creativity and confidence.

This year, as every year, we are extremely proud of the progress our Foundation students have made and the dedication they have displayed in doing so. We are pleased to share that 93% of them will be progressing to higher education institutions, and 65% of the total intake will be joining our highly regarded BA programmes here at Loughborough University.