Arts Degree Show2016

Silvia Ariño

My artwork began as a social project. I firmly believe in the close and undoubted relationship between human beings and art, because understanding our feelings manages us to a better life.

My practice investigates how art (i.e. painting, music, theatre, sculpture and literature) is the best way to express ourselves, further than our individualist society. Working with people is the main focus of my practice; it introduces them to a world of freedom and reflection, using art as a healing tool for emptiness. The first step of my work was an intense study about me, a series of self-portraits together with texts of my thoughts and dairy studies about my behaviour and my routine. The work eventually became solitary and I realized that I wanted to involve people; therefore I started with art therapy sessions in a shelter home. Alongside this, I developed an experiment about our perception of others and my work has now progressed to incorporating video. Artists at the end of the 20th century have been of inspiration, i.e. Gillian Wearing, Lygia Clark, Marlene Dumas and Paula Rego have influenced my paintings. 



'Artwork inspired by an ancient artwork', Teruel Museum, Spain, May 2014

'De Generación Perdida', Alma Zen de las Artes, Zaragoza, Spain, 2014