Arts Degree Show2016

Megan Smith

My work focuses on creating simple and playful sculptures that explore the relationship between spaces - interior and exterior, psychological and physical, personal and impersonal.

This interplay of spaces is reflected through the materials I use; they play against one another. The use of raw industrial materials such as concrete or wood presents geometric structures, whilst biomorphic forms of domestic fabrics embody themselves around these structures. Stimulation is taken from the formal qualities of minimalism; however imposed upon these are the abstract elements of post-minimalism - colour, expression and process. Negotiations that are traditionally associated with sculpture can be recognised. Incorporating fabric textiles presents a sense of tactility for the viewer, a bodily and mental encounter. These encounters are combined with the spatial encounters the viewer has when faced with the sculptures rendered in the gallery space. The different shapes and forms of the sculptures determine spaces within a space. My intention is to create an interactive environment of exploration and imagination for the viewer.


Placements / Work Experience:

Jealous Gallery and Print Studio, London

Space Studios, London




'Collaboration', Loughborough University, 2015

'Dont Look Back', Loughborough, 2015

Nine Frames Project, SOFA, Loughborough, 2015