Arts Degree Show2016

Lewis Peat

My practice deals with the human condition, where I use the human figure to render a reflection of our very existence as a species. Erasing the figures' identities prevents any individual association and allows the work to implicit a response to our condition as a complete species.

The combination of refined, chaotic brushstrokes and finished/unfinished sections of the figures presents the idea that we are not the perfect creatures we think we are. We’re all compromised and broken to a point where the moral and ethical decisions of our lives define our existence and condition as a species.

The mirrors in the work cause the figures to confront/come to terms with their existence. The figures in the paintings present the hard exterior of what we present to the world; their reflection reveals the truth about who we really are, the internal turbulent broken nature and condition that defines us.
The paintings present both the audience and the figure a confrontation and revelation of who and what we are, making us come to terms and either make peace or go to war with our condition that defines who we really are.


Competitions / Awards:

Final Round of Selection for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 2015