Arts Degree Show2016

Kayleigh Conway

Throughout my time at Loughborough University my practice has evolved continuously. I have always had a passion for colour; and this has been rendered through my constant experimentation with media, application and process.

As a painter, I am concerned with my relationship with paint; what colours I position on the picture plane, their significance and integrity, as well as my decision making over the control and unpredictability of the brushstrokes. This investigation has led me to expand my knowledge and understanding on colour theory and colour psychology.

My practice is currently situated in the exploration of blot paintings. Inspired by the work of Kerry James Marshall and Mark Wallinger, my paintings pay homage to the Rorschach test. Created in 1921, Hermann Rorschach developed the ink blot test to access an individual’s personality. It is this mirrored imagery, producing a symmetrical pattern, that I find intriguing. I use layers of paint to construct a balanced, abstract, kaleidoscopic composition, that assists the viewer with looking deeper into a simplistic painting. Along with the work of Sigmund Freud and his findings within psychoanalysis, I attempt to help the audience understand the psychological elements within perception that can be manipulated through colour and paint.



Loughborough University School of the Arts Degree Show, 2016

'Don’t Look Now': Venice Trip Response Pop Up Exhibition, 2015

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Summer Show, 2013



School of the Arts Degree Show 2016 Committee, Fine Art Representative

Student Ambassador

Interview Panel for Fine Art Entry 2016-17

Loughborough University Employability Award

Loughborough Women’s Network

Action Volunteer

RAG Fundraiser

AU Women’s 3s Lacrosse