Arts Degree Show2016

Katharine Simmons

My paintings are inspired by the landscape and the cultural influences that affect our relationship to it.

From a young age I was inspired by the British landscape painter, Constable, admiring his vision of the world. After a year studying abroad in Singapore I found the same excitement learning about Chinese ink paintings. The differences in Eastern and Western art theories run through my practice, with particular interest in how cultural philosophies dictate a change in aesthetic properties. I use the Eastern balance of positive and negative space but apply it through the tradition of Western oil painting.

My paintings explore the subject of escapism through the landscape. Living in contemporary urban society we are congested with information and removed from the natural beauty of the land. I aim to create an immersive and calm experience of viewing painting, without the excess of colour and crowded space.



‘Shakespeare Explored’, Loughborough University, 2016

‘Don’t Look Now’ Venic Pop-Up Exhibition, Loughborough University, 2015

‘Graduation Show’, NAFA, Singapore, 2015

‘Foundation Degree Show’, Loughborough University, 2012



International Exchange at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore, 2014-15

Fine Art Representative, 2012-14