Arts Degree Show2016

Hector Goñi Gracia

All of us are a unique puzzle, each of those puzzle pieces are made up of the experiences and feelings that we have had throughout life.

This mixture is unique in each of us, but those pieces are not exclusive to ourselves because most of our life is accompanied by others. By this I mean that the people around us, formed us, and if we analyse those people we will have an approximate image of our selves. To analyse my personal circle I use ´the window of the soul´: the face. This makes us unique. We rarely remember someone by their hands or legs, the most representative and expressive aspect of people is their face.

In my artwork I use the faces around me that invite contemplation in order to discover how those people are represented and finally, to discover myself. I could say that all my work is a self-portrait. I play with colour psychology, forms and expressions to lead the spectator; however, not everyone's experience has to be the same. I invite you to look carefully, observe and approach myself as well as yourself through reflection.



EGO, Teruel, 2014