Arts Degree Show2016

Hannah Clarke

For generations, ‘the American Dream’ has become a widespread term used to describe the United States as being the land of freedom, prosperity, and equal opportunities, regardless of an individual’s birthplace or social class. My work sets out to challenge whether this national ethos still applies to the America of today, and to question whether the American Dream even still exists.

Through the use of collage I have combined together an assortment of contrasting images and texts taken from two different time periods of American history, consequently conjoining both the country’s past and present in a playful and humorous way. In particular I have focused on the post-war period; a time that celebrated the pinnacle of America’s success and power. I then combined them with present day imagery that illustrates the current widespread corruption and controversy within America today, such as Donald Trump’s run for presidency, increased gun crime, terrorist threats, the growing obesity epidemic, and the nation’s ideology of excessive consumerism.