Arts Degree Show2016

Eleanor Young

My practice is an exploration of colour and movement, seeking to portray sensations through the common nature of colour association and symbolism.

The colours in my pieces have been meticulously selected to depict distinctive feelings and emotions, indicating an essence behind the piece, despite being visually abstract. As colour is the most important aspect of my work, I use pigment to give me the freedom to control the intensity of the colours being used, thus radiating powerful and raw emotion. Influenced by the Abstract Expressionism movement, I also manipulate the application of the materials to accentuate the mood the piece is reflecting.


Competitions / Awards:

Aylesford School Artist of the Year, 2009

Aylesford School Artist of the Year, 2010



Loughborough University Art Foundation Exhibition, 2013

'Don't Look Now' Venice Pop-Up Exhibition, 2015

'Collaboration', Loughborough, 2015