Arts Degree Show2016

Benjamin Wynne-Williams

My work aims to help solve the political problems that we currently face. More specifically, problems to do with the representation and integration of Muslims and Islam.

I think the construction of an honest and clear narrative is the best chance we have to solve these problems. My work is an attempt to construct a narrative of this kind, without obfuscation or hidden agenda. It seeks to question and resolve biases against, and sometimes in favour of, Muslims and Islam.

Attaining and maintaining people’s attention is a big part of changing biased perspectives. For this reason I am also careful when it comes to the medium, aesthetic and information I choose to include in the construction of this narrative.

In order for a narrative to be adopted by the mainstream, it must be spreadable, relatable and easy to understand. I make sure that my work is spreadable, by creating with the intention of exhibiting on social media as well as within the confines of the white cube. I make sure my work is relatable and easy to understand, by removing unnecessary complexities.

I would like my work to be viewed as a small piece of a much larger mission, pushing progress in the right direction, whichever way that might be.