Arts Degree Show2016

Ashleigh Lane

My work is an exploration of modern culture and the apparent obsession with our online identity.

I have been specifically considering the concept of a ‘profile picture’ and how this is used to represent and sell ourselves, often in a ‘glossier’ version than the reality. I am intrigued by the way in which we filter and document our lives to create a whole new online persona and our constant need to be ‘liked’ and accepted by peers. I have attempted to depict this concept through the mediums of digitally manipulated photography and paint. Although the themes within my work focus on the virtual and digital, I have also used paint as a different means of manipulation which serves to create an alternative agency to the work. I regularly use geometric shapes and pixilation to warp and distort the original identity of the picture, thus creating a sense of anonymity, contradicting the very purpose of a ‘profile picture’.


Competitions / Awards:

Gary Eaton Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art, 2010



‘Don’t Look Now’ Exhibition, Loughborough, 2015

Collaboration Exhibition, Loughborough, 2015

Final Year Exhibition, Central College Nottingham, 2013