Arts Degree Show2016

Allen Moore

My work is a playful focus upon deception and illusion.

The subject of illusion became an interest in political, health, and conspiracy theories throughout history. My subject researches a higher group of powers who control the population through subconscious mind control and clever manipulation techniques, resulting in a population that accept and no longer question what they are told or shown due to  fear of laws, regulations, and punishment. My work touches upon this subject in a broad, non-obvious process. My deep interest in subconscious theorists and surrealist groups and their experimentation techniques allowed me to develop ideas through my own subconscious, conscious, personal beliefs and desires.

My experimentation techniques themselves have no limits to induce mind altering states, using meditation, hallucinogenics, automatism, dreams, and ganzfeld experiments to allow a free and open way of working. The purpose of my work is to have the viewer question what they are seeing, to not accept what I am presenting and to see beyond the deception.


Placements / Work experience:

Erasmus, Teruel, 2014-15



Outside Inn Exhibition, 2013

Inside Out Open, 2013

Stafford Open, 2013

Loughborough Sock Open, 2014