Arts Degree Show2016

Alex Sullivan

My artistic practice looks at the subject matter of identity; specifically the formation of an individual’s sense of self. Dealing with elements of memory, it examines identity in the sense of a journey, influenced by our environments and the people around us.

My work is autobiographical, drawing from photographs taken over the past two years. The work also simultaneously documents my relationship, from its early beginnings, through to the long-distance relationship – during my year abroad in Japan – and the subsequent reunion. I have tried to recreate these photographs of precious moments in monochrome papercuts using a combination of analogue and digital media. My reason for choosing papercut as a process is very personal as I would make paper cut-outs as gifts for my partner during our time apart. I chose to document moments from my own personal relationship as I feel that this individual has been very influential to my development as a person on multiple levels. In doing so I hope to illustrate just how much of an impact one person can have on your life and your sense of self. 


Placements / Work Experience:

International Exchange, Kansai University, Japan