Arts Degree Show2016

Abbey-Gail Orsler

My practice explores the idea of dérive, as it refers to a particular mode of walking, with the aims of exploring the impact of the environment has on my behaviour.

Challenging the way I travel through places and spaces besides the normal A to B routine and become “disorientated” by throwing myself into new situations, leading me to paint from these experiences with raw emotion and feelings. My paintings are classed as abstract and impressionistic. It is important that my painting is a physical act for me, just like the experiences of filming and walking. Every stroke I put on to the canvas is strong and spontaneous; I want it to show my intense emotions and feelings. This is the strong essential aspect, which is personal, and my painting is trying to capture the glimpses of my walks though these places.


Placements / Work Experience:

Gallery Assistant, Artspace @ 222, Singapore


Competitions / Awards:

Publication of exhibition catalogue for NAFA Art Show

Celebration of Achievement for Publication Design for Solihull College



Lim Hak Tai Gallery, Singapore, 2015

The Open Project, The Mac Gallery, Birmingham, 2013

Final Art Show, Solihull College, Solihullm, 2012

Identity, Solihull Art Complex, Solihull, 2011