Arts Degree Show2016

Fine Art

Fine Art at Loughborough University emphasises the relationship between theory and practice, or thinking through making, bringing together exceptional facilities and expertise to support practices ranging from drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics to temporal performance, moving image, photography and digital media.

A few words from the Fine Art class of 2016

Being a typically smaller year group in Fine Art compared to previous years, we have become a very
close community. We hope these strong friendships will continue well into our lives and careers postgraduation.

The freedom of our course ensures each student can develop their own ideas, skills and style of working. During the show you can expect to see a range of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, print, sound and animation. This breadth and scope demonstrates the range of talent in our year. As a whole cohort we have been heavily influenced by our study abroad to the Venice Biennale, back in November 2015. We found this trip crucial in our development of our education in the arts, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all who went, students and tutors alike.

The past five months have probably been the busiest and most stressful in our artistic journey so far. So as a year group we would like to express our gratitude to Lorraine Young and Deborah Harty, for taking up the challenge of overseeing our final module of the degree; you have done a fantastic job. We all really appreciate the time and effort you have put into organising this module and our degree show. You are always willing to listen to our concerns or needs, and give constructive feedback to help inspire us moving forward and for our career after Loughborough University.

Furthermore, we would like to thank all the technical tutors in the hubs for being a tremendous help. Your specialist knowledge and skill help us to bring our ideas to life.

We would also like to especially thank our course representatives, Tara Powell and Lacie Cummings, for their unbelievable commitment to our course. They are always there to speak to regarding any matter, art-related or not, and they have been a fantastic support system. Also, their huge contribution to our fundraising for our degree show does not go unnoticed. Without them both, we would not have been able to put together a successful private view for both of our exhibitions.

Certain members of our student cohort have gone one step beyond in helping us to put together this fantastic degree show. Olivia Lutwyche, thank you for being our main contact with The Kelso and for leading the organisation of all the brilliant fundraiser events.

There are so many people who have helped and contributed to our degree show that we regret we cannot name everyone. Everyone has taken it upon themselves to actively contribute their time and ideas to fundraising. All of us pulling together as a team has made the Degree Show 2016 such a success.

Finally, we wish everybody on the course all the best for a successful and
happy future! Good luck graduates of 2016!