Arts Degree Show2016

3D Design: New Practice

3D Design: New Practice at Loughborough University offers students the chance to creatively explore a large range of materials, processes and techniques in order to create a diverse collection of work.

A few words from the 3D Design: New Practice class of 2016

The variety within the collection stems from the freedom of choice we have as students on the course as well as the extensive technical facilities that have been made available to us throughout our time at Loughborough. The workshops have permitted students to explore and experiment with a range of techniques, allowing each of us to develop our own unique practice as designer-makers.

Working alongside one another in the studio and workshops has resulted in an extremely close-knit group of creative individuals, as well as an environment which has been a great source of advice, encouragement and innovative thinking. As the final intake of 3D Design students we would like to thank our dedicated tutors and amazing technical staff who have provided us with daily support and guidance throughout our degrees, helping us, as well as many previous year groups, to achieve so much.

As we look forward to the variety of exciting paths ahead of us after graduation, we are very proud to share our final work with you and hope that you enjoy the exhibition!