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Hub 4 Technical Team

Peter Dobson is the technical tutor in printmaking. Peter provides teaching and technical support across a range of 2D reproductive media, both ancient and modern. His area of expertise includes quality digital printing, metal etching, screen-printing, collograph printing, lino and wood block printing and stone lithography printing. There is also a paper making facility in which you can recycle paper or use plant material to make sheets of paper or cast shapes in paper with molds.

Peter can also teach and support students who may wish to  bind a book with using hand their made paper or set metal type and print onto it.



Paul Stockwell is the technical tutor in the painting workshop. A specialist in a range of painting practice, Paul provides teaching and technical support in the manufacture and selection of stretchers and supports; preparation and application of a wide range of hand-produced painting products including gesso, encaustic, rabbit skin glue and the manufacture of paint from pigments; the theory and practice of colour mixing; the selection, manufacture and application of glazes and varnishes; and advice on the presentation, framing and mounting of artwork.

Paul also teaches workshops in brushwork, scale and perspective.