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Hub 4: Painting and Printmaking

The School offers an outstanding hub for those interested in the specialist areas of painting and printmaking. 

This hub is centred around the preparation for and production of painting and printmaking projects using appropriate equipment, techniques and processes. 

Many traditional art and design areas can be explored in the hub, covering painting, printmaking, papermaking, mono-printing, silkscreen, lithography, sculpture, drawing, photography, film-making, performance and emerging media. 

The facilities are open to all School of the Arts, English and Drama members, and learning is aided by our renowned technical and teaching staff who provide an accomplished understanding of painting and printmaking.

Painting Facilities


The School of the Arts has dedicated painting support equipment housed in the Painting Workshop for access by students and staff, supported by staff with training in Fine Art and expertise in the preparation, production and presentation of all things painting.


Timber Mitre Trimmers

Air powered nail guns and staplers for the construction of stretchers and supports

Equipment and materials for preparing a variety of mediums and pigments primers and paints

Spacious construction workshop allowing for the manufacture of large stretchers and supports.


Technical expertise

Users of our painting facilities benefit from taught workshops and one to one tuition from staff with impressive expertise in the following processes:

Manufacture and selection of stretchers and supports

The preparation and application of a wide range of handmade painting mediums including Gesso, encaustic, rabbit skin glue and the manufacture of paint from pigments.

Selection, manufacture and application of glazes and varnishes

Specialist advice on the presentation, framing and mounting of artwork

Printmaking Facilities

The printmaking studio in the School of the Arts has some of the finest technical facilities in the country, producing prints to a professional standard.

All members of the School of the Arts have access to our printmaking facilities and there are many forms of printmaking available. Some of the processes, techniques and equipment available are listed below:

Papermaking and Bookinding

Papermaking facilities 

The equipment for papermaking is in a wet room area and includes a large wiz mixer for hydration of fibers and an industrial beater to prepare the pulp.

Pressed paper can be produced to A2 size, and larger sizes can be pored. Paper can be recycled or prepared with cotton linters and plant fibers to a professional standard.

Bookbinding facilities 

Once the paper is made and the print produced, if you so desire we have all the elements to stitch and bind the work into a book. All the material involved can be acquired from the workshop store.