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Hub 2 Technical Team

Anne Acosta is the technical tutor for the stitch room and has specialist skills in a wide variety of fabric cutting and stitching processes. Anne provides teaching and technical support for a variety of textiles equipment including sewing and knitting machines and a range of techniques including embroidery, fabric manipulation, the construction of 3D multimedia items and knitted fabrics, hand and machine generated outputs, hand crochet, machine stitches of various types, and the pressing and cutting of fabrics.

Bee King’s work in Digital Embroidery is led by the Digital Pathway of the Textiles programme. She is responsible for both the teaching of industry-standard software, and providing specialist support to enable the realisation of digital designs as final products. 

Other roles – Departmental Pat Tester


Sally Yates manages the print room workshops and dye lab along with a dedicated team of technical staff. Sally provides teaching and technical assistance to undergraduate, postgraduate students and research staff. Sally has specialist knowledge in printing and dyeing using a wide range of fabrics, yarns and materials. Her expertise extends into the area of colour matching and printing including the mixing of dyes and print pastes to produce recipes for colour palettes. Sally has extensive knowledge of dyes and their application including acid, direct, procion, disperse and synthetic dyes, together with vat dye for discharge printing and indigo shibori techniques.

Sally has further technical expertise in setting designs in to repeat to produce printed lengths of fabric. Her expertise in other textile processes includes the production of surface qualities such as devore, foiling, flocking and heat setting synthetics.

Ria Mathieson

Technical Instructor

Emily Bull

Technician in the print and dye workshops

Rosy Chetwynd-Appleton

Technician in the weave workshop

Rosy Chetwynd-Appleton is the technical tutor specialising in traditional and digital weave processes including jacquard.