School of the Arts, English and Drama

About us

Hub 1: Creative Digital Technology & Photography

Our CDT and Photography hub offers cutting edge resources and personal expertise to facilitate a wide range of projects using digital media.

The hub has spaces dedicated to support particular aspects of visualisation, production and post-production processes. It also offers a number of printing facilities, including wide format digital printing, 3D rapid prototype printing and digital fabric printing.

It is open to all students within the School of the Arts, and has been used to produce outputs including: fashion photography, corporate advertisement campaigns, children’s book illustrations, websites, smart phone and tablet apps, brochures, computer games, illustrated comics, puppet animations and animated films, amongst others.

Visualisation Lab

The Visualisation Lab is open to all of our staff and students, and offers a range of applications and processes including:

  • Apple's Final Cut Studio suite for video and sound editing and post production
  • Vectorworks and Modo used to create 2D & 3D CAD drawing, modelling and visualisations
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for digital imaging and drawing
  • Adobe InDesign for DTP
  • Maya and Dragon facilitate 2D and 3D CGI and analogue animation
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash are employed to create website design
  • Unity for the creation of interactive 3D web design
  • Wacom tablets

Stop-frame Animation Area

The dedicated stop-frame animation area is used by students and staff to create short animations. These can be using 2D or 3D images, and many of the projects produced in this space have gone on to win awards.

The area offers a range of applications including:

  • Rostrum facility using Dragon Animation software
  • Motion capture rig
  • High definition cameras and specialist lighting to create traditional 2D stop frame animation

Studio of Light



Our photography facilities are open to all within the School and consist of a professionally equipped photographic studio, processing rooms and darkroom.

Photography studio

The photography studio is fully equipped with 'state of the art' flash equipment, allowing for the production of high quality imaging. We use the latest in digital SLR and digital medium format cameras often working tethered to multi-core Apple Mac Pros ensuring maximum precision, quality and professional image capture.

We are also able to support traditional photographic approaches with single lens reflex, medium format and large format cameras - all available for student loan.

Processing rooms and darkroom

The negatives from these cameras can be digitised by our high-end Flextight virtual drum scanner and then outputted by one of our RIP supported printers or alternatively the processed negatives may be taken into the darkroom to produce traditional prints of archival quality.