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Creative Writing Group

I come to the workshops as they are a fun and relaxed environment in which to develop cocoons of ideas that can hatch into something more.

Based in the School, the Creative Writing Group hold workshops a couple of times each term; everyone is welcome and it’s very informal. The group do writing exercises that are very varied in theme and approach, so there’s something for everyone. People who want to read out the resulting work can do so: the group is very friendly and supportive of each other’s work.

The participants are from across the department: students who haven’t taken creative writing yet and want to try it out; students who study creative writing and want more; post-graduates whose research include creative writing; lecturers who enjoy writing…

There are sometimes guest workshop leaders, such as poet-in-residence Mark Goodwin in 2012, or MA students from the School will design and run a workshop.

The writing prompts are inclusive and enjoyable, and everyone responds to them in their own way. The only ‘right answer’ is to write. And enjoy writing.