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Student Prizes

There are various awards presented to our students throughout the year, the awards cover areas from travelling expenses to enterprise scholarships.

Dennis Holt 

A scholarship to the value of £585 to be awarded to a student of the school. Students should submit a  proposal stating the purpose for which the scholarship would be used and what would be achieved through the proposed travel as well as a supporting academic reference. The prize will be awarded to a student or students who in the opinion of the Assessor Panel has made significant progress during his or her course; whose work shows a high degree of originality; and who has submitted the most meritorious proposal.

Edward Sharp 

One or more purchase prizes to be awarded for a work or works of art or design by final year students selected from the Undergraduate Finalist Degree Show by a panel chaired by the Director of the School. The work purchased by the prize will become part of the University’s collection and be displayed around the University campus as agreed with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

Edward Sharp was a former principal of Loughborough College of Art and Design and set up a fund to assist the College’s students on his retirement.

Drama Prize 

A prize to the value of £100 is awarded to the student who has produced the most outstanding work in their final year, on single honours Drama or Drama with English as a minor subject programmes.

Drama Special Prize

A prize to the value of £100, to be awarded to a student who has made an outstanding achievement or contribution of undergraduate Drama. The prizewinner will be selected at a meeting of Departmental Staff. 

Ernest Frost Prize 

A prize of £75 is awarded annually to the final year student who submits the best original work of poetry, prose or drama.

Ernest Frost was educated internationally, in Italy and England, in a variety of schools, and after the Second World War attended a training college for teachers. Before coming to Loughborough, he taught successfully at several schools in London and the Home Counties. He also took a great deal of pleasure in teaching literature to adults. He was Lecturer and then Principal Lecturer in the Loughborough College of Education from 1963, and with the remainder of his Department in due course joined the University. He published poetry and six novels, three of which have been Book Society choices. In 1980, he was awarded the degree of Master of Arts, honoris causa by Loughborough University.

Travelling Exhibition (English) 

A prize to £100 to be awarded to the student with the most outstanding performance in Part B English programmes, including Single Hons English, Drama with a Minor in English, English with a Minor in Business Studies, English and Drama Joint Hons, English and Sports Science Joint Hons, History and English Joint Hons in the view of the programme board. The prize is to be used to defray costs incurred when travelling to pursue an academic interest.

Stanley Evernden Prize 

A prize of £750 to help fund an outstanding production by students of the School that has been successfully submitted to either the National Student Drama Festival or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Stanley Evernden is recognised as the founder of undergraduate drama at Loughborough and the Fund, set up in his memory, will provide financial support to students taking their productions to festivals and events around the UK.  Showcasing their talent in this way will help them develop their performance skills and above all, ensure that Stanley will continue to inspire future generations of drama practitioners and professionals.