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Overton Poetry Prize 2014


Sarah Jackson (Poet In Residence 2014)

Dr Kerry Featherstone (Poet and Lecturer in English)

3rd Prize: Sharon Black

2nd Prize: Mandy Haggith

1st Prize: Carol Rowntree Jones

What may be lost and what discovered when we find our capacity for love? The strange and beautiful poems of 'This is not normal behaviour' explore the dark fears of motherhood and human nature, and the risks love commits us to.

"Sophisticated and carefully crafted poems, unnerving yet elegant, accomplished yet strange." - Sarah Jackson

"The small things these poems are made from … remind us of the uneasy beauty of our everyday world." - Matthew Welton, Poet and Lecturer in Writing and Creativity at the University of Nottingham

'This is not normal behaviour' can be purchased through the University's online store→