School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


I am visiting from the University of Stirling. You can find my new web pages here.

I have always been fascinated by computing and in particular artificial intelligence techniques. I completed a Computer Science BSc(hons) in 2005 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. During the last year of that degree I was funded by the Carnegie Trust to conduct a short-term research project in applying genetic algorithms to cancer chemotherapy scheduling. My interest in this area grew, leading to an honours project in timetabling with memetic algorithms. I then progressed to work for a PhD, entitled Multivariate Markov Networks for Fitness Modelling in an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm. This covered a range of applications for evolutionary algorithms, and focussed on the construction of fitness models to support the evolutionary process. I continued to research alongside a job as a software engineer in industry during 2008-2010 and have now returned to it full-time as a research associate in the building energy group here at Loughborough.

  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
  • Prevously a reviewer for IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2011 and ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2011.

In addition to the papers posted in the institutional repository, the following are available:

Presentation slides from seminar given to the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University (12 October 2011)

Poster presented at GECCO 2011 conference (accompanying paper available via insitutional repository)