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Our PhD students

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Spyros Akritidis

Evaluation of refined direct solar radiation computation, coupled with a simplified thermal model in low energy building design.

Mohammed A AL-Shuwaili

New concepts in the design and construction of concrete-steel composite beams

Tiago Biller Zuanazzi

Early detection of seepage-induced internal instability using acoustic emission

Rami El Geneidy

Modelling Contracted Flexibility in Electrically Heated Residences

Ms Roses Ita Enang

Operation and maintenance of water distribution systems in developing countries

Nicolette Formosa

The development of a collision avoidance system algorithm to enhance vehicle safety

Christine Fostvedt-Mills

A Longitudinal study into the sustainability of CLTSH-plus outcomes in drought-impacted rural areas in Ethiopia

Helen Heather-Smith

Acoustic emissions in buried steel infrastructure

Sir Frank Gibb Building

Obike Okechukwu

Front-End of On-grid Energy Generation Projects

Mr Roel Tersteeg

Risks and uncertainties associated with wind driven rain on solid wall dwellings

Kun Wang

Sustainable Digital Design