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Jacqueline Beckhelling

Photo of  Jacqueline Beckhelling

Research Associate, Data and Analysis, DEFACTO project

After taking a degree in statistics from the University of Reading, Jacqueline  commenced her career working in industry and she has over seventeen years’ experience of using quantitative research methods in commercial environments.  While working in industry, she gained an Msc in Operational Research from Sheffield Hallam and worked as a database programmer to widen her experience of applied mathematical techniques and data collection and handling techniques.  In 2004, she joined Loughborough University’s Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) as a quantitative analyst.  During her time at CRSP, Jacqueline completed an ESRC placement fellowship seconded to the Department for Work and Pensions to investigate the incidence of under-reporting of income.   She moved to the Department of Civil and  Building engineering in November 2012 to work on the DEFACTO project.

Broad interests and expertise

Applied quantitative methods and data management

Research project

  • DEFACTO: Digital Energy Feedback and Control Technology Optimisation


This is a five year project conducted by Loughborough University which will examine 600 households whose homes will be extensively retrofitted through the Green Deal. It will investigate how the use of digital control and feedback technologies enable reduction and management of energy use.