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Efthimia Pantzartzis PhD - M Arch - MSc Planning Buildings for Health

Photo of  Efthimia Pantzartzis

Efthimia is a registered healthcare architect and consultant. She joined Loughborough University as Research Associate within the Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HACIRIC) team, to work on the EPSRC (Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council) funded project “Optimising Healthcare Infrastructure Value through Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer”. She has worked on the review of past, present and future backlog maintenance to support the Department of Health (DH) review of NHS “Critical Infrastructure Risk” and on the DH “Dementia National Capital Investment Programme”. She is a co-author of the Health Building Note 08-02: Dementia-friendly Health and Social Care Environments. She successfully completed the MSc in Planning Buildings for Health at the Medical Architecture Research Unit (MARU) at South Bank University, with a dissertation on how to develop an appraisal system to measure efficiency in masterplanning of healthcare facilities. She studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari and she graduated with a thesis on urban development as an aggregation of patios from residential housing to specialised building complexes. Immediately after her Master’s Degree in Architecture, she had a working experience at the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Barcelona, working on European coastal countries adaptation to Climate Change, with a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship. She has experience in residential, retail, sport and restoration projects in Italy. She participated to architectural project competitions and to international urban research workshops. She has been working on healthcare projects in the last eight years in Italy, in the public sector, mostly on refurbishment of existent facilities and reorganisation of services at regional and local scale. A reviewer for the International Journal of Energy Sector Management-Emerald Insight, the Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction-Emerald Insight and the Seniors Housing & Care Journal- Mather LifeWays Institute of Ageing, Efthimia is also a member of the Advisory Board of the International Academy of Design and Health and a member of the scientific committee for the IADH Award 2016 and for the HaCIRIC International Conference 2012. She was part of the British Council Researcher Links Programme 2014 and has been awarded two Santander Mobility Fellowships in 2015. She has won the 2015 International Academy Design and Health Award for best non-student research project. She has won the 2015 MRS Award for Healthcare Research. She was shortlisted for 2015 RIBA President's Awards for Outstanding University-located Research. She is registered at the National Board of Architects OAPPC of Bari and she is a SIAIS member.

Professional affiliations

  • Chartered Architect - Ordine Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori (OAPPC) della Provincia di Bari
  • SIAIS (partner IFHE - IFHE Europa - EuHPN - ECHAA)


Research interests

  • Healthcare design, planning, construction and management
  • Urban design and Masterplanning
  • Refurbishment and Maintenance
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Islamic Architecture
  • Health and Safety - Risk Management

Research project

  • Activity-Acuity-Adaptability-Flow-Emergency Departments (A3F ED)

Previous research projects

  • Health Building Note 08-02: Dementia-friendly health and social care environments.
  • Improving the environment of care of people living with dementia.
  • Review of NHS Critical Infrastructure Risk.
  • Optimising Healthcare Infrastructure Value through enterprise and knowledge transfer.