School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


Research project

  • BEPIT (Bicester Ecotown Process Improvement Toolkit


Despite technological innovation to respond to Code Levels 5 and 6, volume house building performance continues to fall short of design intent. This project aims to shrink the gap by re‐thinking design, build and procurement processes. The consortium will deploy a novel combination of mapping methodologies to highlight and resolve process failures in technologically innovative build systems.  Data will inform the creation of a suite of tools and tactics to deliver Code 5+ housing at speed, with volume, to cost and with low defects. This 44 month iterative action research project will study the first 393 planning‐approved homes of the Bicester eco‐town development. Bicester offers the perfect test-bed as the UK's largest Code 5+ development, targetting true zero carbon (unregulated emissions and no allowable solutions), and scaling to 5,000 homes by 2026. These houses are being designed for full climate change adaptation with overheating analysis to 2050.