Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


19 June 2017 - 22 June 2017

Short Course in Advanced Powertrain Calibration and Optimisation

Presented By Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

About this event

A World class four day Professional Short course based on an Automotive Systems Engineering MSc core module to cater for the high demand for Calibration Specialists.

An interactive course focused on: 

  • Optimisation
  • Modelling
  • Calibration

 Covering aspects of Hybrid, Gasoline, and Diesel Calibration for future generation vehicle propulsion.


  • Day 1 (am): Introduction to Calibration, Statistics and Optimisation
  • Day 1 (pm): Practical workshop - Optimisation
  • Day 2 (am): Overview of Emissions and Target setting
    • Design of Experiments
  • Day 2 (pm): Practical workshop – Design of Experiments
  • Day 3 (am): Diesel Emissions Calibration (warm lean modes)
    • Introduction to modelling
  • Day 3 (pm): Practical workshop - Modelling
  • Day 4 (am): Gasoline Emissions Calibration
    • Cold start/ CAT heating mode
  • Day 4 (pm): Practical workshop - Calibration

Real Driving Emissions 2017

Calibration in relation to a vehicle or engine is a systematic process of fine tuning the internal system of the electronic module unit so that the system will behave as it is, during the vehicle operation.

Completion of this course will allow the professional engineer to:

  • Understand real driving emissions for the next 5 years
  • Model, optimise and calibrate modern engine systems
  • Enhance their career as a Powertrain Specialist in the ever evolving field of Calibration

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