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Equality and Diversity Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. Terms of Reference
    1. The Sub-committee shall have the broad function of supporting the University in ensuring its compliance with current and future equality legislation, and with regard to equality and diversity legislation in the field of employment within Loughborough University.
    2. To monitor, evaluate and make recommendations for the effective development and implementation of the University’s equality and diversity policies as required by legislation and by good practice.
    3. To raise awareness of equality matters amongst all staff and students of the University, through a planned programme of staff development and communication.
    4. To keep under review all areas of University practice with regard to equality and diversity and to make recommendations for change whenever necessary to ensure that the University strives for best practice in this field.
    5. To support and advise on implementation of the equality aspects of the Human Resources Strategy and to further develop this area.
    6. To receive annual reports based on monitoring data from Human Resources and the Learning and Teaching Committees.
    7. To receive statistical reports from the Harassment Panel.
    8. To receive items for discussion from the staff negotiating and consultative Sub-committees.
    9. To report to and advise the Human Resources Committee for matters related to staff.
    10.  To provide an Annual Report for the Human Resources Committee and Council.
  2. Constitution
    1. Membership
      The membership of the Sub-committee shall be:
      Chair appointed by HRC.

      Ex-Officio Members
      Director of HR 
      Staff Development Adviser (Equality and Diversity)
      Head of Counselling and Disability Service

      One member elected by each of the following constituencies
      Administrative Services
      Management and Specialist
      Operational Services
      Research and Teaching
      Teaching and Scholarship
      Technical Services
      One member appointed by Human Resources Committee
      One member nominated by the Students Union

      Co-opted members with particular expertise in equality matters(normally not to exceed 3)

      ii) Terms of Office

      The terms of office of elected members of the Sub-committee shall be not more than three years, to expire on 31 July following appointment.  Renewable for a second period of office. The member shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of one year following their retirement.

      The terms of office of appointed members will be not more than one year, to expire on the 31 July following appointment, renewable.

      Ex-officio members shall serve only so long as they continue to occupy the positions by virtue of which they become members.

  3. Meetings
    1. The Sub-committee shall ordinarily meet not less than three times a year.
    2. Any member may request a special meeting of the Sub-committee.  The meeting shall be held within 14 days of such a request.
    3. The presence of one-half the membership, which shall include the Chair, shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Sub-committee.  Should a meeting become inquorate at any time during its continuance the Chair may, at his/her discretion declare the meeting abandoned. An inquorate meeting shall be suspended and reconvened within fourteen days.
    4. Matters for the agenda shall be submitted in writing to the secretary by any member not later than twenty days before a Sub-committee meeting.


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