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Clerical and Manual Staff Consultative Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

Clerical and Manual Staff Consultative Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference


1.  Terms of Reference    

1.1     To review, and when appropriate, make recommendations to the Human Resources Committee or the Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee  regarding terms and conditions of employment for staff for whom the University has granted sole consultative and negotiating rights to the Union.

1.2     To consider claims submitted by the University Branch of the Union regarding physical working conditions, disciplinary procedures or other matters considered by the Joint Secretaries properly to fall within the purview of the Sub-Committee and, when considered appropriate by the Joint Chairs, to take executive action to meet such claims.

1.3     To act as the ultimate stage within the University of the procedures for considering individual or collective grievances.

1.4     To consider such other matters as may be referred to it by the Human Resources Committee and to undertake such other duties as may be delegated to it by the Human Resources Committee or the Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee.

1.5      To report annually to the Human Resources Committee (normally in the Summer) concerning the main topics discussed during the preceding year.


2.  Constitution 

2.1       The Sub-Committee shall consist of:

The Chief Operating Officer (ex-officio) (who will chair the meeting)

The Director of Human Resources (ex-officio) (who will chair in absence of COO)

The Assistant Director for Campus Living (ex-officio)

One management representative from the Sports Development Centre

Four members appointed by the members of the University Branch of Unison and currently employed by the University.

2.2     There shall be Joint Secretaries of the Sub-Committee, who shall be appointed annually by the respective sides. The Agenda and Minutes of each meeting of the Sub-Committee shall be agreed by the Joint Secretaries.

2.3     Nominated deputies shall be permitted to attend meetings, on a non-recurring basis, in the event of the unavoidable absence of representatives.

2.4     The Sub-Committee may invite to attend its meetings from time to time such persons as it considers would assist it in the execution of its functions.


3.  Servicing

3.1     Secretarial servicing for the Sub-Committee shall be provided by the University HR Department.


4.  Terms of Office

4.1     Ex-officio members shall serve for only so long as they continue to hold the office by virtue of which they became members.

4.2     Appointed members shall serve for a period of not more than three years and shall normally retire on 31 July next before the third anniversary of their appointment, but they shall be eligible for further period of appointment each not exceeding three years; except that, members appointed by the Union shall be reviewed annually by the branch Secretary of Unison.


5.  Meetings 

5.1     The Sub-Committee shall ordinarily meet as required.

5.2     At the request of not less than four members of the Sub-Committee, give in writing to the Director of HR a Special Meeting shall be convened not later than 14 days following the receipt of such request.

5.3     The presence of at least one half of the membership, which shall include a Chair and representatives of both sides, shall constitute a quorum for an Ordinary Meeting. The quorum for a Special Meeting shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

5.4     Should a meeting become inquorate at any time during its continuance, the meeting shall be abandoned. An abandoned meeting shall be re-convened within 14 days of abandonment.


 6.  Decisions

6.1      The Sub-Committee shall normally attempt to reach decisions by discussion and agreement. In any case where this proves not possible a decision shall be taken as agreed only if a majority of each side’s representatives present at the meeting, voting separately have indicated their agreement to a proposal.


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